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It's time to Feel Wood

Our project, your project

Feel Wood was born in Barcelona, from the hand of two brothers with an entrepreneurial and sustainable spirit, wanting to change the traditional and design different watches, watches made of natural wood with interchangeable straps.

We offer exclusive watches with minimalist and elegant designs, taking care of the details of each of our pieces. Carrying a piece like this with you always allows you to be in contact with nature.

CEO of Feel Wood Watches
Project watches. wooden Feel Wood Watches


Feel Wood is committed to nature and a sustainable spirit. Raising public awareness of the importance of preserving the environment has always been our main objective. That is why for the purchase of a Feel Wood, a part of the proceeds is destined to reforest several areas of the planet, collaborating with the association One Tree Planted.

Feel Wood, a project created with passion, affection and enthusiasm and with the sole hope of making our world a better place. Day by day, minute by minute, we act differently, with awareness, responsibility and perseverance. We believe in the small details, in creativity and in the uniqueness of elegance as essential pieces of our puzzle, and you, the key piece of change, an indispensable part of our universe, of Feel Wood, together we will be stronger.

The aim of the Feel Wood brand is to promote a healthy, responsible lifestyle, with ambition to explore, travel, and see the world, to enjoy life and make the most of the time we have. We give people the opportunity to connect with nature directly and to be part of a change that we are gradually achieving. Choose sustainability, nature, freedom, creativity, the environment, the ambition to explore, the desire to travel and see the world? Do you identify with the brand? What are you waiting for to join the Feel Wood team?

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