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Feel Wood Watches

For every watch, we plant a tree

We have reforested more than 2500 trees and we continue to do so.

Trees planted


More than 2500 trees planted



Tree planting in 3 countries


12,5 ha

Feel Wood has already planted more than 12,5 ha
Feel Wood Watches collaborates with the reforestation of trees

The importance of saving the planet

Have you heard that trees are the lungs of the planet? We explain why. Humans need oxygen to breathe and trees are responsible for that. Not only do they help people breathe, they also create homes for animals and wildlife.

Forests only cover 31% of the Earth and unfortunately humans are destroying and deforesting them year after year. It is estimated that 15 billion trees are destroyed every year and we plant about 10 billion, so if we continue like this, we are going to run out of trees, right? We are the most intelligent living beings in the world and we are destroying our main source of oxygen? Sounds like a joke, doesn't it? Well, that's what's happening!

A project to raise awareness in society

When we started this project we were clear about our goal. We want to make the society aware of the importance of environmental preservation. By doing our bit together with others, we will make politicians, businessmen and above all human beings make sustainable decisions taking into account the welfare of the Earth.

In Feel Wood Watches every time a purchase is made, we allocate part of our income to the reforestation of trees collaborating with One Tree Planted. This is a charity founded in 2014 made up of volunteers (individuals, companies, schools) who donate and volunteer to plant trees around the world. For every watch, we plant one or more trees and currently we have planted over 2500 trees in Australia, Amazon, Brazil and Uganda. We will do our best to plant all over the world!

For every Feel Wood watch you buy, we plant a tree.


1000 trees planted

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1000 trees planted

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500 trees planted

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500 trees planted

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Reforestation map

Feel Wood Watches has reforested more than 2,500 trees worldwide.