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Our most exclusive watch collection

Feel Wood Watches has always been known for launching watches with unique designs. Our designs stand out for their simplicity, their ability to seduce and attract attention with just a first impression. Feel Wood watches combine with any style or occasion. It doesn't matter if you have to go to work, if you're meeting friends for a drink or if you have a date with that special someone, it will look great on you!

Now we've decided to go one step further. We present our most exclusive collection of the brand. We are very proud to have succeeded for the first time in making fully automatic wooden watches. This step has given our brand the plus of exclusivity and the definitive power that our line needed.


What are automatic wooden watches and how do they work?

Automatic watches are those that charge or wind themselves without the need for a battery. So how does it work or where does it get the energy that makes the gears move and count every second of our precious time? Kinetic energy is what takes care of that. Our automatic wooden watches are recharged by the movement of the wearer.

A magical connection is established between the watch and the wearer, so that together they allow time to pass and events to happen. The durability of the operation of these watches will be forever thanks to this system. Undoubtedly we are facing the greatest achievement to date, creatingthe ultimate wooden watch and at the same time infinite.


Great details on automatic wooden watches

To have succeeded in creating this Premium collection, we have used materials of extreme quality, all of them sustainable because we cannot forget our total commitment to environmental preservation. All of them sustainable because we cannot forget our total commitment to the preservation of the environment.

We use black sandalwood and walnut to cover the entire structure of the watch. The crystal is made of sapphire, one of the most resistant materials to avoid scratches or marks due to any blow. As for the strap, it has an innovative buckle with butterfly clasp for a total subjection to the wrist.

The automatic movement is SEAGULL ST16 that charges the watch with the movement. In case you only wear the watch occasionally and it stops, don't worry. Thanks to its innovative system it will start up again just by shaking it or you can also use the manual winding mechanism.

Finally, with a piece as exclusive as this, the packaging could not be less. We deliver the automatic wooden watch with an exclusive bamboo box with the logo engraved.

"Feel Wood automatic wooden watches mark a before and after - discover an unprecedented new collection!"


Automatic wooden watches Premium collection